Apotheosis Games, LLC.

Apotheosis Games are the designers of Foretold: Rise of a God, published by Legion Supplies (Released: Fall 2014).

Foretold is now in distribution! Find a copy at your local store!

      Limited amounts of Foretold games and its accessories are available via the Legion Supplies web page.

Fatesworn Box 2

The Fatesworn expansion for Foretold is now in production! It is tentatively being released at Gencon 2015.

You can find a copy of Foretold at your local hobby or game shop.  If they don’t have it, request it – Foretold is carried by all major distributors.

Foretold is a free for all turn-based strategy game for 2 to 4 players based on Greek mythology. Players take on the role of aspiring deities guided by the Fates. Utilizing ‘Faithful’ followers to expand their economy and wage war, players will buy powerful Relic cards and expand their modular ‘Temple’ with additional Tiles. To achieve victory, players will lead a Raiding Party through an opposing Temple on a quest to damage their rivals and knock out their life force.


Apotheosis Games: Providing strategic card and board game design, with a core of talented designers and a dedicated play-test team boasting extensive gaming experience. Its founder, Jay Semerad, also utilizes his project management and multimedia skillset to aid in design and promotion.


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