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Press Contact: Jay Semerad

Video: Dramatic Trailer (Youtube)

About Foretold: Rise of a God

Foretold is a turn-based strategy game that gives players an engrossing experience.  It is published by Legion Supplies, Inc. and will be carried by a number of major distributors for retail sale in the United States beginning in August of 2014.

In Foretold, everyone takes on the role of an aspiring deity.  Competitors must build up a Temple, gather Faithful followers and collect powerful Relics in an attempt to wipe their opponents off the map – only one deity can reign eternal in this free-for-all of legendary proportions!

Play features Cards (Faithful, Fate Cards and Relics) and Tiles (Temple) acquired through a central Marketplace board.  Games feature a period of economic build-up, preparation for combat, then Raiding and end-game.  Players will align with one of four unique Fate Decks, boosting replay value.  Craftiness, table politics and strategic play will determine the winner.

Play Time:  2 players (40 minutes-1-hour), 3 players (1.5 hours), 4 players (2-2.5 hours)

In-game Contents (with quantities):

  • Dice: 6-sided Dice for combat (10), Smiting Die (1), 20-sided life point dice (4)
  • Cards: Faithful Cards (80), Relic Cards (40), Fate Cards (4 decks of 30)
  • Cardboard cutouts: Raiding Party Markers (8), Gold Coins (24), “Shield Counters” (8)
  • 3×3” 2-sided Tiles:  Starting Tiles (20),  Deck Tiles (25)
  • Game Board: 14×24” ‘Marketplace’ (1)