Rules Variants


2 Player Squeeze: Shift the Relic and Faithful Decks over one space so that there are only 5 blank spots in each row.  Each player starts the game with their Treasury on its B-side.

Cutthroat rules: if you eliminate a player you may take some or all of his or her Relics (if you have multiple types of Fate Relics in your Temple, choose one type to keep and return all others to the Marketplace).

Advanced startdeal 4 random Faithful instead of using 2 Acolyte and 2 Guard.

Buy Blind: Players may buy any Relic or Faithful from the Top of the Deck – without first looking – for 4 gold.  If a Fate Relic of a type other than that in a player’s Temple is bought, one of those types must be returned to the Marketplace.

Soft Temples: Players may pay 3 gold during their Marketplace Step to return any purchased Tile to the Marketplace.

Thieves everywhere!: If a Raiding Party is on a Treasury (or other Tile with gold storage),  the Raiding player may discard 1 Faithful and steal 1 gold (then repeat this action any number of times, based on the number of Faithful left in the Raiding Party).


Alternate Game Scenarios:

Devotion: Players roll dice to decide who goes first.  Then, the first player chooses to bid any amount of life to claim one Fate deck.  Other players then may outbid that player on life or make a claim for a different deck, until all players have settled on one of the four Fates.  Players can only draw Fate Cards from their winning deck or buy Fate Relics of that Fate type.  All players begin with their Fate’s Shrine in play on an Altar.  All players begin with a unique Faithful of their chosen Fate (either from the game or from the promo Kickstarter series) instead of 1 of their Guards.

Capture the Crown (4 players): Each player starts the game with one of the four Fate Relic Crowns in their Temple.   If a Raiding Player conquers a defending player’s Temple, he may steal any of that opponent’s crowns and add them to his or her Temple.  If one player controls all four Crowns at their start of turn, that player wins the game. Note:  Ignore Fate-alignment restrictions and Altar/Fate Relic restrictions for Crowns (i.e. Crowns do not require an Empty Altar).


Achievement Mode:

 A list of achievement bonuses if a player is the first to accomplish it in-game (great for beginning players!):

  • First to conquer an Entrance Tile: gain 2 gold.
  • First to Smite an opponent: Gain 3 gold.
  • First to Eliminate a player: Heal 5 or Draw 3 cards from any Fate Deck.
  • First to collect 10 gold in one turn: Reveal 3 Faithful or 3 Relics into the Marketplace.
  • First to have a Temple with 10 or more Tiles – Choose one:  Flip any Trap Tile in your Temple face-down OR exchange a purchased c    Tile in your Temple for the top Tile of the Tile Deck.
  • First to have 3 matching Fate Relics in a Temple: Heal 3.
  • First to sacrifice a Devotee to a Shrine: Copy the effect of that Shrine one more time.