KICKSTARTER-Foretold-icon-FUNDED (1)

A successful Kickstarter Project,  funded the production of Foretold: Rise of a God. Completed in April of 2014 , its backers raised 125% of the funding goal!

Backers were rewarded with a number of perks, including 16 exclusive promo cards and special, marbled dice.  On top of that, the final product was delivered to its backers in under 4 months!  The game was finalized just weeks after the Kickstarter concluded at the end of April, and backers had their games in hand in time for Gencon!

If you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, don’t worry-  the game is on sale now, and limited quantities of the promo pack featuring art from famous Magic the Gathering card artists are still available at the Legion Supplies home page.

If you need help launching your own Kickstarter, feel free to contact us for advice!