Set up and Start

Download the Quick Start Guide or full Rules Document here!

Set up and Start

Each Player receives:
5 Starting Temple Tiles: 1 Pathway, 1 Entrance, 1 Treasury, 1 Sanctum, 1 Heart (with Life Counter set at 20)
4 Starting Faithful Cards: 1 High Priest, 1 Acolyte, and 2 Guards.

Below, Left:  The Starting Temple Tiles on the A-Sides.  Below, right:  all starting Tiles on their B-Sides.   Each Tile can be upgraded to its B-side by paying the cost to flip it, written in the bottom right.



Setting up the Marketplace:

  • Place 2 Guard Faithful and 2 Acolyte Faithful in the Faithful row of the Marketplace.
  • Shuffle the Relic Deck and place it in the Marketplace by the Relic Row (the Relic Row begins the game empty).
  • Shuffle and place the four Fate Decks (Chaos, Grace, Prosperity and Wisdom) on their spot.
  • Shuffle the Tile Deck. Place the Tiles with their blank side face-up in the Marketplace.

Roll dice to determine who plays first, proceeding clockwise from winner.

Steps of the Turn:

  1. Reveal –Place 1 Faithful and Relic from the top of each deck into their rows in the Marketplace*.
  2. Marketplace –Play Faithful from your Temple to collect Gold, then buy Faithful, Relics, or Tiles from the Marketplace.
  3. Raid (optional) –Use Faithful in your Raiding Party to conquer Tiles in an opposing Temple and Smite your opponent (see Raiding).
  4. Reinforce –Collect all of your Faithful, then separate them into two face-down piles: either Temple (# of stations) or Raiding Party.

Note:  Place each revealed card in an empty spot if able – otherwise, choose a card in one spot to cover up.

For help with the first turn, check out the Play Tips section!

Life Points, Eliminating a Player & Winning the Game

Each Player has 20 Life Points, which is the maximum anyone can have.  Those life points can be “Healed” throughout the game – various Tiles, Faithful , Relics or Fate Cards say “Heal 1” or “Heal 2”, etc.  – you may only Heal if you have lost life points.  When Players’ life points drop to zero, either through Smiting or clever use of Fate Cards, they are out of the game; their quest for divinity has failed. Only the last player standing reigns supreme.

When a Player is eliminated from the game:

  • Shuffle that Player’s Relics and non-starting Faithful into their Marketplace Decks.   Temple Tiles remain in place until end of game.
  • If a Player is eliminated from the game during their own turn, play continues with the person to the left of that Player.
  • If a player is eliminated while attempting to play a Fate Card that has not yet resolved, that Fate Card is discarded and has no effect.