The Fates

Before there were gods, there were the Fates – ancient influences guiding all forces, seen and unseen.  


  • Chaos drives mankind to aggression, impulsiveness and war.  
  • Grace unites all, protecting and healing its devoted.
  • Prosperity drives humanity to reproduce and build great civilizations, but it is also a path of greed.
  • Wisdom influences the noble mortal pursuit of knowledge and understanding.  

The Fate Decks

  • The Chaos Deck features powerful spells with devastating effects. Your opponents will sacrifice their own Faithful and watch their life force drain as you deal damage and crush mortals.
  • Through the Grace Deck, the noble Fate will embolden combat and shield or heal damage.  The more powerful Grace cards will convert Faithful and provide powerful Defensive buffs.
  • The Prosperity Deck features spells that generate wealth and income for all, for some, or for only the most devoted.  Prosperity believes that everything is possible – for the right price. Its cards can accomplish anything for a cost.  
  • The power of the Wisdom Deck compounds as it collects more knowledge – and disparages those without it.  Wisdom can reach across other alignments, manipulate the Marketplace, and crush weaker minds for powerful effects.

In Game

  • Each Fate Deck has a distinct deck of Cards that captures the theme and flavor of its corresponding alignment.
  • Fate Relics grant their owners special abilities and reward devotion by allowing the more powerful Fate Cards to be played.
  • Fate-aligned Faithful have a predestined allegiance to one of the four Fates.  Some Relics and Fate Cards will give these Faithful additional bonuses.
  • The High Priest draws Fate Cards- he is vital to your Temple. The High Priest’s divine powers protect it from Sacrifice and other ill effects.
  • Fate Cards can be played at any time – but the most powerful cards require one or more matching Fate Relics to play.
  • Players may only have Fate Relics of a SINGLE Alignment in their Temples at any one time (ex: you cannot have a Wisdom Sword and Chaos Shrine).