Steps of the Turn

 I.            Reveal

  • Reveal 1 Relic from the Relic Deck and place in an empty Relic spot in the Marketplace.  If no spots are empty, choose any Relic to cover.
  • Reveal 1 Faithful from the Faithful Deck and place in an empty Faithful spot.  If no spots are empty, choose a Faithful to cover.

II.            Marketplace  

(These Actions can be performed in any order with no limit to the number of actions you can perform).

  • Play Faithful from Temple in any order to immediately collect Gold.  Those Faithful are discarded after use.
  • Buy Faithful, Relics or Tiles from the Marketplace. Only the top Tile in the Tile Deck or Top Relic or Faithful in each spot can be purchased.
    • Purchased Faithful are placed in your Discard Pile after acquiring.
    • Purchased Fate Relics require either an empty Altar, or the return of another Fate Relic to the Marketplace, to free up an Altar.
    • If you purchase a Tile, you may rearrange your Temple until all Doorways line up, flipping any Tiles as necessary.

III.            Raid

  • Raiding is an optional Step.
  • To start a Raid, place the Raiding Party Marker on the Defending Player’s Entrance Tile and pick up the Faithful in your Raiding Party.
  • The Defending player chooses and plays Faithful equal to the number of Stations on the current Tile, then rolls one die for each.
  • The Raiding Party’s Attacking Roll must surpass the Defending Roll in order to advance.  Otherwise, the Raiding Party retreats.
  • To make an attacking roll, choose and dispatch any number of Faithful from the Raiding Party (play them face up in front of you).  Roll dice equal to the number of Faithful you dispatch: if successful, choose one to recall to the Raiding Party and discard the rest (if more than one was played).
  • Continue onto the next Tile, until reaching the Heart of the Temple.
  • If the Raiding Party Conquers the Heart, Smite the opponent:  Deal damage equal to the number of Faithful remaining in the Raiding Party, then roll a die and deal that much damage.  Fate Relics and some Fate Cards or Faithful also add to that bonus.
  • Defeated Defending Faithful are returned to their owner’s Temple at End of Raid.

IV.            Reinforce

  • Collect the Faithful from your discard pile and Raiding Party and choose where to send them for the next turn – Temple or Raiding Party.
  • Players can only house Faithful in their Temple equal to the number of Stations; the rest must be sent to the Raiding Party.
    • Players may keep fewer than the maximum number of Faithful in their Temple if they wish to send more to the Raiding party.
    • Once a Faithful is in a Raiding Party, it will be able to attack an opposing Temple on the following turn.