The Marketplace is where FaithfulRelicsTiles and Fate Cards are acquired.  It is populated during the ‘Reveal Step’ by placing the top Faithful and Relic card from each deck into an empty spot on their corresponding Marketplace row.  If no spots are empty, the player whose turn it is chooses and covers any card within that row –only uncovered cards (i.e. the top card in any pile) can be bought.

The 60 card Faithful Deck reveals a variety of followers:   Faithful cost between 2 and 5 gold and range in rarity from Basic (9 copies per deck), Fate-Aligned (3 copies per deck) and Unique (1 copy – and very powerful).  Fate-Aligned Faithful will interact with Fate Cards and Relics in various ways – you are not restricted which Faithful you can buy or have in your Temple or Raiding Party, and can divide them in any way you choose during your Reinforce Step.

The 40 card Relic Deck reveals powerful tools costing between 2 and 5 Gold.  Relics are stored inside your Temple – but an Altar symbol on a Tile is required to house a Fate Relic.  There are four ‘Fate Relics’ for each of the four Fates – SwordCrownShield and Shrine.  You can only align with one Fate in your Temple at a time (example: if you own a ‘Wisdom Shrine’, you can’t add a Chaos Relic unless you first return the Wisdom Shrine to the Marketplace).  The other 24 Relics in the Relic Deck are all Basic Relics and do not require an altar – you may have as many Basic Relics as you want in your Temple.

The Tile Deck is a randomized stack of 25 Temple Tiles.  Players buy the top Tile in the stack for 3 gold, and cannot look at its under-side until purchased.  Some Tiles reveal Rooms (5) with special abilities. Others have Traps (8) to foil Raiding Parties. Most Tiles have Stations (12) or Altars (8) on their under-side.

Fate Decks harness the power of Chaos, Grace, Prosperity or Wisdom.  Each 30-card deck follows a uniquely themed strategy.  Playing the High Priest draws you a Fate Card from a deck of your choice.  Each Fate Card has a Relic Cost between 0 (common) and 3, meaning you must have that many matching Fate Relics in your Temple to play it.  You may play Fate Cards at any time, but opponents can also respond by playing other Fate Cards: if they do, their Fate cards will resolve before your Fate card resolves; the last Fate Card played happens first, then the previous card, and so on, until your first card resolves.